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UNICEF Chicago Humanitarian Award Winners: Keith Decker and Barbara Bowman

  On Friday, I had the honor of co-chairing (with my esteemed colleague Hilary Scott) this year’s Unicef Chicago Humanitarian Awards, at the Ritz-Carlton. Our two award winners, Barbara T. Bowman, a co-founder of the world-renown Erikson Institute, and Keith Decker, CEO and founder of La Casa Norte, in Chicago’s Humboldt Park, represent the sort […]

UNICEF Chicago Humanitarian Awards: October 23, 2015

I have a friend named Wendy who seemingly spins gold out of straw. Well, not literally. But she is amazingly talented at divining opportunities to make something special, unique, and rare out of nothing. I’ve watched her for years, as she and a few dedicated friends have ideated, strategized, planned, engaged, started, raised significant money […]

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Cats & Dogs: How Pets Rule Your Home

I have friends who say their cats are like dogs. I have other friends who refer to their dog as their “dogter,” and truly, being a dog in that family is what you want to come back as in your next life. Ben, who is my video producer, says his dog is like his child. […]

WGN Radio Appearance: Steve Cochran Show: Friday, October 23, 2015 at 6:50a

I’ll be chatting it up with my good friend and colleague, Steve Cochran, at 6:50a this Friday, October 23, 2015. As some of you know, I’m spending more time with my friends at WGN Radio, and look forward to chatting more on-air about financial wellness, business, and innovation. Friday is a big day anyway. I’m the […]

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Work with Ilyce

  • Brand Strategy

    What is a brand? What makes a brand memorable? And, how do you take memorability and monetize it?

    When I engage with a brand, I’m thinking about what kind of strategy can be ideated and then put in place so that a brand translates into something larger and more meaningful to more people. The corollary is, of course, how does that brand strategy then morph into something that drives sales, retention, and engagement?

  • Think Glink Media

    Here’s the thing: A lot of people are “content experts.” They may have some experience creating interesting strategies that sound as though they’ll play well in the real world. And they may have even lucked into some success.
    We not only understand strategy. We know how to execute. And that’s what we do, every time we engage on with one of our clients.

  • Speaking

    Are your colleagues sleeping through your meetings?
    Are attendees drifting away, checking email or chatting amongst themselves at your conferences?
    Is your senior leadership wondering (and your future promotion dependent on) whether you’ll be able to create a program that can inspire the kind of innovation and sea change required in a world moving at the speed of light?