Hosting a Panel of Scientists at the Weizmann Annual Gala in Chicago

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The Chicago Weizmann Annual Gala is something to behold. Gorgeous. Well-organized. Smart. Magical.

In fact, the word “magic” kept coming up in reference to the Weizmann Institute of Science, located in Rehovot, Israel.

This year’s Weizmann Gala theme, “Limitless,” referred to the absence of boundaries placed on Weizmann Institute Scientists. I was honored to moderate a panel of esteemed neurobiologists: Alon Chen, Ofer Yizhar, and Nachum Ulanovsky, and learned why each of these scientists call Weizmann their home.

Mostly, they love working and living on campus, near their colleagues who have become like family. Ofer talked about after work pick-up jam sessions that colleagues have, spontaneous musical interludes that are so much fun. Alon talked about how the community itself is magical. Nachum said his students think every place in the scientific community is like Weizmann, only it isn’t.

Getting a behind the scenes look at the Weizmann lifestyle make it easy to understand why these scientists, who could live and work anywhere in the world, have chosen to be there. It was an honor to spent time with them. When I get a chance, I’ll upload some photos.

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