Five Ways To Boost Your Home Value


I’m often asked how you can boost your home value – without remodeling.

While remodeling your home offers a lot of benefits – including the fact that everything is new – it also costs a lot of time and money, not to mention having enough vision to see the project through.

Home value is often perceived differently, depending on your perspective. Savvy buyers will evaluate home value on a number of levels, including size and condition of the home, the “bells and whistles” it has, where the property is located (including, of course, what is the school district), and even whether the decorating meets their taste.

Homes that win on each of these levels (and several others) will be perceived as being an exceptional value for the money – by the buyers. A broker or appraiser will compare a home on all of these levels to other, similar homes that have sold (the “comps”) recently in the neighborhood.

All of which means you have to make your home look as good as possible.

In this Expert Real Estate Tips video from my YouTube channel, you’ll see my best suggestions for five ways you can boost your home value without actually going through the pain of remodeling.

If nothing else, remember this: there’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint and a few new throw pillows to give you (or any prospective buyers who are coming through to look at your property) the sense that your home has been maintained and properly cared for.